Dhamma Tarai, Tarai Vipassana Center

How to reach the center?

Dhamma Tarai is located near a small settlement named Parwanipur, located 9 kilometers north of Birgunj, a town near Nepal-India border. It is spread in 5 hector of land. The facility has well groomed gardens and lush green fields augmenting its natural aesthetics. The area is surrounded in south and North by two rivers named Kiyasut and Sirsiya.

The Center is 3 km north-west from Parwanipur Bazaar and about 2 km west from the junction of Mahendra highway and Dry port road. The nearest airport is 10 km from the Center. It takes about 18 minutes in regular flight to Simara Airport from Kathmandu. The nearest railway junction lies at Raxaul (Nepal-India border town) which is 13 km away from the Center and 4 km from the Birgunj City.